Vegetarian restaurant in Varcaturo


Veg fusion cookery


The accuracy of pairings
A simple dinner can impress. Rama Beach proposes a vegetarian food with international influence. A veg fusion cookery with careful pairings able to satisfy the taste more demanding.

The culinary path suggested by the chef started from East to Italy, by joining italian raw material with typical perfumes from Indonesia. The result is a perfect food, full of innovation and creativity.

A special attention also to the presentation of dishes and the mise en place: elegance and refinement reign supreme.
The quality of the raw materials
The vegetarian restaurant in Varcaturo check just the top quality ingredients from supplier of trust. For this veg fusion cookery, fruit and vegetables are the basis for all the dishes. So, it is important tht these are always fresh.

Rama Beach gives a food services project high-end with the importance of fresh raw materials, without the use of frozen ingredients or preserved otherwise.

The menu gives: first dishes based on pasta or rise, second dishes based on seitan, vegetable hamburger, mozzarella and aged cheeses. Moreover a large selection of beverages.
The location
In the large covered room or in the sunroom outside, the dishes inebriate the whole structure. At lunch or for dinner, in addition to a great variety of dishes, there is a multiple choise in the most beautiful place.

All the environments offer the best scenic views breathtaking. The atmosphere becomes even more enchanted at sunset, when the lights turn on and you can see the moon.

The lagoon lighted, gives a sense of wellness and relax to the environment. Rama Beach is a suitable place to all who want get away from the daily life and taking care of yourself
Custom menu
For dinners or private events is possible to ask the custom menu.

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