Location for events in Castel Volrturno

Concerts, parties, and dj set

The evocative location
Behind the sea, Rama Beach is a location for events Castel Volturno singular, full of details and prestigious Indonesian furnishings. The facility is made in wood, with numerous environments including two ample covered rooms, a swimming pool, a panoramic porch and a fine seafront structure.
The use of the straw and white cloths makes the facility very impressive on the Castel Volturno coast – Naples.

The idea of Rama Beach takes form to Bali, an island of Indonesia that the facility wants to represent. A project that faithfully reproduces the typical tourist sceneries of that area. The ethnic and colonial style is maintained in all furnishings: in banana wood seats, in precious woodden sun bed and tables, in rattan chairs, in straw gazebos, precious fabric parasols. To the majesty of the facility is contrasted with the silence and the sense of intimacy that it conveys to those who live it.

Enterteiment on the beach
Another natural landscape is the sea of Castel Volturno. The crystalline beach offers a stunning view, especially at sunset, when sea water reflects the orange colors of the sky. Here there is the enterteiment.

Rama beach staff organizes beach games, fun aperitifs, muscular awakening sessions or sporting training and other several appointements. On comfortable bunk you can also enjoy a relaxing massage or a sunset aperitif.

Rama Beach has a bungalow on the beach. A room equipped with all the comforts in which newlyweds can stay overnight in the days following the wedding.

Here you can relax, forgetting the stess of previous days and enjoying fully the beauty of the sun and the sea. The offer can be completed with a meal ( lunch, dinner or both) in the restaurant of the facility.

All Rama Beach staff will be ready to satisfy all the customer's needs, giving you a real time to relax.