Swimming pool by the sea in Varcaturo


Relax and fun



The lagoon
The lagoon is one of the attracting place of Rama Beach: it is a large swimming pool with games of water and light.

All around sun beds to relax and to sunbath. Rama Beach represents a real escape from daily life; a suggestive place in which to be relax.

In the swimming pool you can find a bar that offers fresh cocktail and delicious finger food.
A location for the events
Also in this area we have refined materials. It is possible to find chiaselonge and tables made in teak, limestones of Bali and granite rocks all around the lagoon and make it this place comfortable and relaxing.

The evening, the swimming pool becomes a magic place for the events in which to organize a party poolside, appetizers buffet for a wedding or a pool party.

The managers and tha careful staff are available to customers and ready to satisfy any requirement.
Varcaturo sea
In the other side of the lagoon there is the Varcaturo
coast road: an expanse of gold sand and a crystal sea that offers breathtaking sunset.

The beach is organised, it has a bar, toilets, and a fancy restaurant. Here In the evening, we have dj set and live concerts.
Sunset aperitif and entertainment

Rama Beach offers much fun also on the beach.

During the day we organize a number of funny initiatives, to share with friends and acquaintances. The activities are mainly focused on sport, wellness and care of the body.

At sunset, it is possible to take part in appetizers and team games: a way to break the monotony of the day and to see the sunset.