Rama Beach Cafe


divine experience

Rama beach cafe
Rama Beach is a place with an unique atmosphere. A real piece of heaven where to forget the stress of all days and to get involved by relaxing ambience.
The well known lounge bar in Varcaturo offers a suggestive location for events and weddings. Moreover in this place we organise also concerts, happy hour, birthdays, corporate parties.

Dall’altra parte della laguna vi è la litoranea di Varcaturo: una distesa di sabbia color oro e un mare cristallino che regala tramonti mozzafiato.

La spiaggia attrezzata dispone di un bar, servizi igienici e di un elegante ristorante. Di sera, è animata da una serie di dj set o di concerti live.
Lounge bar Castel Volturno
An Indonesian angle
Dark wood, straw and draperies of white cloth are the materials used to recreate a typical environment, that involves many people with its colors and its perfumes. A piece of world cut out overseas and reconstructed on the coast that connects Varcaturo to the city of Naples.

The facility made in Bali, has an Indonesian magnetism. It has two floors with the high ceilings, with over wide places in which is possible to dinner or relax in good company.

Here it is possible to admire the bas-reliefs and the Hindu masks typical of Indonesian culture, it infuses a sense of comfort and serenity.
Near the sea, we organise your wedding, making it unforgettable.

Seashore, disco, and restaurant.

From the dawn to the sunset the various environments of the facility are alive with music and colors. On one side you find the sea of Varcaturo, from the other side the lagoon with the sun bed on board tub. From Rama beach it is also possible to reserve a table for a refined supper. The restaurant proposes a vegfusion menu that unites the oriental perfumes to those traditional of Mediterranean food.

In the middle of the night, the dance begins. So, the structure become a disco glamour full of lights and special effects.